Author's carpet games
by Lily Mukhamedzhanova


Tree, sun, cloud, cloud, snowflakes 10 PCs., flowers 10 PCs., leaves 10 PCs., fly agaric, Fox (mushroom), anthill, birdhouse. Animals: den, snowman, bird feeder, yellow grass, green grass, nest with Chicks, hedgehog, hedgehog, wolf, wolf, squirrel, squirrel, frog, frog, elk, calf, Fox, Fox, white hare, gray hare, hare, bear, bear, lynx, lynx. Plants: strawberry, blueberry, dandelion, snowdrop, bell, Lily of the valley, chamomile. Birds: tit, bullfinch, crow, swallow, Starling, crow, magpie, woodpecker, Sparrow, pigeon. Fruit: Apple bol., Apple small., pear ball., pear small., cherry ball., cherry small. Insects: ant, butterfly, stranded, ladybug, dragonfly.


Children are happy to get acquainted with animals living with a person, their cubs, houses, developing their outlook, speech, fine motor skills, logic. Carpet design: realistic animal figures in detail accurately cut on the machine; sizing and painting is done manually; good and easy to stick and stick again from the playing field; the density of the carpet does not allow parts to deteriorate - to tear, to be removed. The set includes a cattle shed, kennel, pond, house, dog, puppy, horse, foal, chicken, chicken, rooster, goose, gosling, duck, duckling, pig, piglet, goat, kid, sheep, lamb, cow, calf.

Clothing for girls with felt playing field

The game carpet designer “Clothes for girls” is not only an exciting game, but also a useful educational tool for your daughter. Used in classes in kindergartens and development centers of Russia. The game improves fine motor skills, self-service skills, the ability to choose clothes according to style, color and occasion. Children are happy to dress up the heroine, inventing different plot stories with her participation. All clothes are traced to trifles, including ornaments, pictures, laces.


Every preschooler child happens to be on the street with interest - there are so many interesting vehicles driving around. Carpet set Street for plot and didactic games on the plane will help to get to know him better, and at the same time to develop speech, outlook, attention, memory, fine motor skills and logic. Carpet high-quality durable material, safe for the health of the child, does not deteriorate for a long time, does not tear, does not wrinkle. Included bus, trolley bus, truck, ambulance, police, fire, car, taxi, tram, traffic light.

Tales: 5 in 1 large

A unique game set of figures for a plane puppet theater with the ability to play simultaneously scenes from five fairy tales. Duplicate characters are made in a single copy. It is useful and interesting for children to play in the puppet theater, remembering familiar plots and invent them “in a new way”! It develops speech, memory, fine motor skills, fantasy. Carpet is a dense modern material, from which figures with maximum detail are cut out, which easily adhere to the playing field with the help of adhesive tape. Included: grandfather, grandmother, granddaughter, mouse, dog, cat, hare, hedgehog, frog, fox, wolf, rooster, bun, bear, turnip, sun, tree.

Wild animals

Carpet Designer with Velcro Wild animals suitable for fun didactic games on a special playing field and developing the horizons of preschool children. Performing unusual applications, the child will remember the names of wild animals and their babies, as well as their habitats. The game develops both speech and fine motor skills. Carpet is a high-quality modern material, it is quite dense, so the figures can be cut with the smallest details and at the same time they will keep their shape for a long time. Includes tree, stump, bush, hedgehog, wolf, squirrel, frog, elk, fox, white hare, gray hare, bear, lynx and cub of each animal.

Garden and vegetable garden

Modern game set for the construction of carpet on the plane, approved by kindergarten teachers, as it is easy to use in an interesting form for the child to develop important skills. Garden and garden – the theme of the designer is close to the village children, and urban children will be able to get acquainted with new words and concepts, expanding horizons. Carpet is a dense material, from which very neat figures with clearly hand-drawn details are obtained. Long retains the original appearance. Complete boy, girl, tractor, tree, fence, tools for work, as well as vegetables, fruits and berries.

Rural animals

Included is a base in the form of a thematic picture with the image of a rural house, surrounded by fields and meadows, a river flows, a tractor passes. Many domestic animals: cows, chickens, horses, geese, sheep, pigs, cats, dogs, birds, mice. Presented by mom, dad and cubs.

City birds

Flat Carpet Set City birds are 18 realistic stick-on figures that easily stick to the playing field (optional). The kid will remember the names of birds living in the city, learn to identify them by appearance. Carpet is a material from which the figures are cut out on a special machine, it is durable, so the shape of the birds will not suffer during long games. Includes tree, lake, grass, flowers, goose, duck, stork, turkey, raven, crow, swallow, woodpecker, sparrow, magpie, dove, bullfinch, swan, tit.

Baby clothes

Carpet for design on the plane Clothing is a fun reusable appliqué, didactic manual approved by preschool education specialists. Children, helping to dress the boy and girl, will remember many new words, learn how to choose the outfit according to the situation, improve fine motor skills, speech and logic. Carpet is a material that is characterized by high density, so the details of the designer cut out of it retain their original shape for a long time. Includes a boy with a set of clothes and a girl with a set of clothes.

Underwater world with a felt playing field

The underwater world is a dynamic felt poster for a preschool child to get acquainted with the world under water. The set includes a green playing field and figures of inhabitants of the deep sea, made in a funny cartoon form: three small fish of different size and shape, a turtle, a starfish, a crab, a few pieces of algae of different colors, several different shells. And another playing field with a picture, as well as 6 additional characters. All characters are made in realistic moving poses.

Street transport

Set for planar design and reusable carpet application Transport in a game form will introduce a child to different types of city cars, teach them to group, replenish vocabulary, develop logic, fine motor skills. Especially interesting for boys. Carpet - different from the felt higher density, due to which the figures are more durable, do not lose shape. The set includes a boat, a ship, a submarine, a yacht, a balloon, a plane, a rocket, a car, a bus, a tram, a trolleybus, a truck, an excavator, a bulldozer, a tractor, a helicopter, a locomotive.


Carpet set of sticky figures, for playing on the playing field the familiar fairy tale Teremok. The didactic manual is popular with kindergarten teachers, as children enjoy bright, visual, and help them to develop speech, fine motor skills, memory, imagination. Carpet material from which the figures are made on a special machine, dense, not torn, not wrinkled, does not deteriorate during the game. Drawing and sizing - handmade. Includes teremok, frog, mouse, hare, fox, wolf, bear.

Beginning of the day with a felt game field

The beginning of the day is a modern educational playbook from felt that will introduce the child to how the beginning of the day goes, what hygienic procedures need to be done in the morning, help develop the habit of a healthy lifestyle and broaden horizons. The size of the parts is convenient for manipulation and viewing. Included is a picture base depicting a bathroom with traced the smallest details: a bathroom, a sink, a closet with flowers, a mirror, a curtain for a bathroom. Figures: a child sitting on a pot, a child who brushes his teeth near the sink, eats, practices yoga, combs, sleeps, dresses, a child who takes a bath and, finally, wrapped in a towel.

Seasons playing with felt playing field

Includes 4 figures of men dressed for the weather and having the attributes of one of the seasons. Thematic game field-poster, which depicts a circle-year, divided into four parts, within which the arrow rotates and may indicate a month. Figures with inscriptions - 12 pieces for each month, as well as 4 pieces with the seasons: summer, autumn, winter, spring. The inscriptions are made in clear block letters. Each season (figures and part of the circle) has its own recognizable color for the convenience of grouping.

Alphabet with pictures

Children will learn all the letters easily and imperceptibly, develop speech, logic and fine motor skills. Used in kindergartens. Carpet is a dense, high-quality material, from which realistic figures are cut out that easily stick with stickies to the playing field. Includes an alphabet with pictures of 33 letters, a stork, a hippopotamus, a wolf, a goose, a dolphin, a raccoon, a hedgehog, a giraffe, a donkey, a cat, a fox, a bear, a rhino, a sheep, a panda, a fish, an elephant, a tiger, a snail, an owl, a hamster, chicken, turtle, chimpanzee, pike, cheese with a mouse, lizard. The game field is included in the set.

Three trees

The game carpet set for reusable application and construction on the plane Three trees will help the child in the game to master such concepts as “more-less”, “big, small, medium”. Kids enjoy decorating trees with fruits, comparing them in size. The manual is considered very effective for the development of logic, basic mathematical concepts, fine motor skills, vocabulary. Carpet, modern material, from which very neat detailed elements are cut out on the machine and do not lose shape during the game. Included are 3 trees of different sizes, 15 apples, pears, mushrooms, 3 pieces of sun, 3 pieces of cloud.

Counting material

nteresting for children didactic manual for mathematics from carpet. Counting material. The elements can be not only counted, but also played with them, since all of them are equipped with velcro, with which they are held on the playing field. Carpeting develops speech, fine motor skills, logic, and most importantly carries the child. Carpet - a material similar to the popular felt, only much denser, due to which the shape of the elements cut out on the machine remains very long. The set of all items of 10 pieces: trees, trees, cars, elephants, pears, leaves, apples, flowers, flags, houses.


An unusual way to help a child learn letters, learn how to put together the first words is a game with a carpet set for reusable letters. Due to the coloring of letters in different colors, children easily master and sound analysis - vowels, consonants are hard, soft. The carpet is dense and of high quality; it does not tear, does not crumple, and does not lose its shape over time. Includes letters printed 66 pieces.

Velcro games

Children's toy sticky always attracts the attention of the child. The material submitted in the form of a reusable carpet applique is absorbed with pleasure and interest, and therefore firmly and for a long time!

We learn fun playing with stickies

The whole world is in the palm of your hand! Velcro is a child's game that makes for a child accessible to study and representatives of the underwater world, and the farthest planets and stars, and makes it possible to examine snowflakes in detail, the structure of transport ... Moreover, such a board game is not just a passive viewing of pictures (as in the book) , but active involvement in the gameplay! The game of felt and velcro develops logic, fine motor skills, imagination, imagination, a sense of beauty, the ability to understand and take care of nature, helps to fully understand the preschool program, and therefore encouraged by teachers of kindergartens of Russia and private developmental centers.

Important advantages of buying velcro in LipLip:

  • Durability - these games can be given to kids for free research, without fear that they will be confused, break.
  • Educational game of felt reliable and durable!
  • Realism - all the figures are made as plausible as possible, children can easily recognize them and form the correct picture of the environment.
  • The ability to make to order. Want to embody the idea of ​​your unique set? Contact the author!
  • The game is fun stickies used in kindergartens and development centers in Russia, as well as at home by parents.

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